Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fiber & Brimstone by Laura Childs

Halloween in New Orleans. What could be better? Carmela and Ava are building a monster puppet for the Monsters and Mayhem Torchlight Parade and stumble upon the body of Brett Fowler.

Jekyl, Carmela's good friend, is a prime suspect because he argued with Brett shortly before his body was discovered. Carmela is convinced someone is framing Jekyl. Brett ran a ponzi scheme and owed Jekyl money. He wasn't the only person Brett owed. Suspects abound. Carmela and Ava set out to discover the real murderer. Can they do so without being the next victims?

Even though I've never been to New Orleans, I love reading books set there. This is one of my favorite cozy series. I feel as if I've been there after reading the books in this series. I love Carmela and Ava and the predicaments they find themselves in. I like the setting of her scrapbooking store and reading about the various projects.

Carmela is such a fun character. Ava is definitely a quirky character. The setting and Halloween really add to this cozy. The author does such a great job of plotting out the story that I didn't know who the killer was ahead. Made me want to keep turning the page.

I highly recommend this book and the complete series.